21 patio color ideas to brighten up your outdoor space (2023)

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Pick a new color for your deck, no matterPaint or stain existing woodOr change the color of the decking with a new wood or composite material and add a refreshing touch to your garden.

Updating the color of your deck can also help extend the life of your deck. Paint and stain protect the wood from rot and keep the surface smooth and clean. In the meantime,Installation of composite deckingmeans less future maintenance.

Use the following patio color ideas to help you decide on the perfect color to brighten up your outdoor space and give your patio a makeover.

1. Schatz

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Honey is one of those warm patio colors that helps brighten an outdoor space. If you haven't already painted your deck, a semi-transparent honey stain will still allow the wood grain to show through. The result is a protected, modern and natural look.

2. Gray Driftwood

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Are you looking for gray colors for decks? Consider driftwood gray if you have a beach house or want to make your yard look like your personal beach retreat.This solid gray driftwood decking from Cabot is available from Lowe's, a selected selection in our guide tobest colors for decksFills cracks and smoothes the structure of decking boards. It can be an ideal option to breathe new life into an older platform.

3. Negro

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If you would likepaint a deckTo contrast with the color of your home or patio furniture, black could be a spectacular color choice. WithThis Cabot Solid Black Acrylic Deck Stain is available from Lowe's, you can fully cover the previous paint on any deck while protecting the wood from water, UV rays and wear and tear.

4. Done

Those who are looking for thatbest cover stainIn order to preserve the natural look of a wooden decking you may need a light stain e.gthis Defy option, available on Amazon. It is important to apply the stain to the wood to prevent the boards from wearing and cracking while the clear coat maintains the wood's original color and beauty.

5. Bleaching

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You might also want to think about whitewashing a deck to bring out the structure of each board. Unlike solid top stains, bleaching does not completely cover the wood. This means you can still see the grain of the wood and the imperfections that make each board unique.

6. Crocodile Green

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Are you looking for eye-catching patio painting ideas? Green alligator covers patchythis Olympic option, available from The Home DepotIt can certainly liven up a backyard and provide an interesting contrast to the color of your home, patio furniture, and decor. Just make sure you paint a test plank to make sure you like the color in your space before covering the entire deck. This will help you avoid making oneCommon error in platform coloringand you end up with a color that doesn't make you happy.

7. Zweifarbig

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Edged cover patterns create a two-tone look. The contrast between the two colors increases the visual appeal of the patio, but can also help to divide larger patios into different areas for dining, lounging or playing. ThisTrex Transcend composite deckingThey are available in a variety of colors that allow you to customize the look and feel of your space.

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8. Diverse

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Composite decks are easier to maintainand more durable than wood. If you're looking for something that mimics the natural grain of hardwood, consider choosing a variegated composite panel. Colorful planks use a mix of different colors and shades to create depth and give the impression of natural wood.

9. Table

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Slate is a popular modern finish color that can enhance the design and appearance of an outdoor space. pairingThis solid slate siding from Behr is available at The Home DepotPaired with a modern patio furniture set, your patio will stay fresh and ready for summer entertaining.

10. Contrasting insert

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if you searchdeck ideasIf you want to add style and personality to your space, try a contrasting insert. Create a simple or more complex design with two or moreFiberon Concordia Horizon composite deckingThe colors allow you to make a unique statement for the patio and garden.

11. Red Barn

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This textured, non-slip top coat, Barn Red, from Behr is available from The Home DepotIt combines very well with a variety of colors and coating materials. While it can look beautiful when used to cover all decking boards, you can also consider the clean and elegant look that is achieved when paired with white topcoat.

12. Colorful railing

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Painting handrails or railings a bright color can improve the overall look of your deck without looking too wild. Consider choosing a color that matches or coordinates with the colors of your home's interior trim and/or shutters. Or add a personal touch to the room by using one of your favorite colors.

13. Brownstone

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Accents of brownstone paired with a lighter color like taupe or ivory can create a stylish and attractive outdoor entertaining area.These brownstone PVC decking boards from TimberTechThey are made of a synthetic material that resists both moisture damage and rot. The grain of the cathedral wood helps create the illusion of natural wood.

14. Mammoth tree

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California's giant sequoias are majestic and awe-inspiring. Bring some of this wonder to your outdoor space with a sequoia decking or a sequoia glaze. This color can complement a variety of homes and settings, but can be particularly striking when surrounded by lots of green grass and lush trees to bring out the red tones on the patio.

15. Walnut

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Walnut countertop stains offer a mix of light and dark brown tones. If you are looking for a warm color to brighten up your garden, walnut is the optimal choice.This walnut stain from SaverSystems is available on AmazonIt also acts as a sealant to protect your deck from water damage. As it is a semi-transparent stain, the natural grain of the wood remains visible.

16. Light Oak

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Light oak is another top color to consider if you are looking for a more natural wood look. It is a versatile color that suits a variety of trim and decorative options.Ready Seal's semi-transparent finish and stain for light oak decking is available at That Home DepotIt is designed for easy use. Maintenance is also simple and straightforward, with no sanding or stripping required when applying additional coats.

17. Blue Cologne

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The attractive color ofBehr's Colony Blue Deck Stain is available from The Home DepotIt is suitable for a wide range of applications. The blue-grey color could be an appropriate choice for a beach or lake house, or help modernize a patio with an elegant and exclusive touch. This semi-transparent, colony blue finish stain provides a water, mildew and UV resistant finish.

18. All-Weather White

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a solid whiteDeckfleckis another top option to consider for your outdoor space. White is a neutral color that can look great alongside a variety of brick or exterior colors. You can also use it as a blank canvas to decorate with patio furniture and other outdoor decorations.This weatherproof white stain from Valspar is available from Lowe'scovers almost the entire grain of the wood and is suitable for anyone who wants to give their deck a fresh, polished look.

19. Classic top

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This SaverSystems Solid Taupe Deck Stain is available on AmazonIt completely hides the grain of the wood and offers excellent protection against water or sun damage. Use it to stain your entire deck, or combine with a dark brown solid deck stain to add contrast and visual interest to your space.

20. Mission Brown

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Those looking for a deep chocolate brown might find this mission brown color appealing. CarryCabot's Mission Brown deck covering is available from Lowe'sto fill cracks, prevent splinters and improve the overall look of an old, worn deck. Hebest deckingIt can help revitalize your deck and give you several years of uninterrupted use.

21. light blue

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Do you want to make your deck stand out? A light blue, semi-transparent decking stain can help you achieve this goal. Natural wood grain mixed with an unconventional light blue color can turn your patio into a unique work of art.

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How do I make my deck feel cozy? ›

Personalize your deck with painted furniture and fun accents. Pick a color scheme that enhances your home's exterior and try updating old or plain metal furniture with new hues. Other colorful accessories, such as pillows, throws, vases, and bowls, can also give your outdoor seating a cozy feel.

What color patio is best? ›

Clean, simple, and open, shades of grey and white brighten a space and make it look larger. For more contrast, use darker greys like charcoal as accent colors for outdoor furniture and trim.

What colors are relaxing for patio? ›

Relaxing Cool Tones

Cool greens, purples, and blues make up the color scheme palette known as Cool Tones and there are many advantages to decorating with these tones. They can help create a relaxing environment and have positive benefits for the human body.

How do you make a relaxing patio? ›

15 Ways to Transform a Small Patio Into a Relaxing Retreat
  1. How to Decorate a Small Patio. ...
  2. Hang Curtains. ...
  3. Make a Statement With Lighting. ...
  4. Provide Extra Seating. ...
  5. Include a Place to Lounge. ...
  6. Choose Multifunctional Furniture. ...
  7. Bring in Greenery. ...
  8. Think Vertically.

How can I make my deck look expensive? ›

How can I make my deck look expensive? These 10 design tips will up the ante of your outdoor space
  1. Add a unique fireplace. ...
  2. Consider furniture pieces in interesting materials. ...
  3. Bring in a rug. ...
  4. Landscape the deck with exotic plants. ...
  5. Install a hot tub. ...
  6. Design a water feature next to the deck. ...
  7. Have an outdoor kitchen.
Mar 28, 2023

How do I make my deck look romantic? ›

Soft Lighting

String lights along the rails of the deck or dangle them above for a warm glow, or add lights to nearby trees and shrubs to create a bit of magic. Luminaires with heart cutouts create a romantic setting. If you've added a pergola or have a covered deck, why not hang a chandelier for a special touch?

What is the best thing to put on a deck? ›

Use Wood Sealant

Clear wood sealants are a great way to maintain the natural beauty and wood grain while still preventing damage from rot, mold, and other weathering. Sealing is a great option for any homeowner as it is able to be done by yourself.

Do decks increase the value? ›

So exactly how much does a deck increase the value of your home? Experts estimate that a deck offers a resale value of at least 76%, which is higher than any other home renovation project. So you can do the math and estimate the increased value of your home.

What color stands out the most outside? ›

A colour scheme with high visual contrast will work better in conditions that are more difficult to see - such as in direct sunlight. Taking onto account the sensitivity to light in human vision in combination with contrast, black on yellow produces the highest visual contrast.

Should a deck be lighter or darker? ›

Darker decks are easier to clean since they show less wear and tear than lighter-colored decks. Brown, black and gray are the best choices for easy-cleaning colors. Can you stain a deck yourself? Staining a deck is a project most DIYers can tackle.

What finish is best for patio? ›

Stamped concrete is the classic among decorative concrete finishes for patios. For decades, stamped concrete (also called textured concrete) has been incredibly popular for outdoor patios, pool decks, and sidewalks. Concrete is imprinted using special urethane tools.

What is the most relaxing color? ›

Blue is the Most Relaxing Colour, Scientists Say.

What color is a happy color? ›

Yellow is widely recognized as the happiest color in the world and comes with a scientific pedigree to back up this esteemed honor. Research has suggested two main reasons why yellow is considered the happiest color. Many studies have linked the psychological powers of yellow to the sun.

What is the most calming colour? ›

"Shades of blue or green are always very calming. Blues are especially known to have a relaxing effect perfect for creating a serene feeling at home," says Nicole Gibbons, interior designer and founder of Clare Paint.

What makes a patio look bigger? ›

Tried and tested ways to make a patio look bigger
  • Maximize patio space with your furniture layout. ...
  • Choose space-enhancing patio flooring. ...
  • Add depth by surrounding a patio with greenery. ...
  • Decorate with neutral colors to stretch the space. ...
  • Keep things simple and uncluttered.
Apr 24, 2023

How do I make my patio look tropical? ›

Six Steps to Turn Your Backyard into a Tropical Paradise
  1. Incorporate Lots of Plants. The key to having a lush, tropical paradise is to have lots of greenery such as plants, trees, and shrubs. ...
  2. Put in Bright and Exotic Flowers. ...
  3. Add a Water Feature. ...
  4. Include Stone Features. ...
  5. Integrate Comfortable Seating. ...
  6. Put in Soft Lighting.
Jul 13, 2020

How do you make outdoor cozy? ›

15Unexpected Tips to Create a Cozy Outdoor Space
  1. hot cocoa or cider bar.
  2. cozy blankets.
  3. pillows for comfort.
  4. camp fire.
  5. s'more station.
  6. ambient lighting.
  7. loads of candles.
  8. comfortable seating.
Sep 29, 2021

What is a good size patio? ›

We recommend a minimum of 25 square feet per person. So, if you plan to host 15 people- plan for a space around 375 sq. ft. We recommend a patio around 550 square feet for comfortable entertaining.

How do I make my patio look like a room? ›

  1. Put down a rug. An outdoor rug makes a patio feel like a room instantly because it creates the feeling of a floor. ...
  2. Design areas for specific functions. ...
  3. Furnish the patio as you would an indoor room. ...
  4. Create an outdoor ceiling. ...
  5. Hang art. ...
  6. Add a fire feature. ...
  7. Decorate with lighting. ...
  8. Put plants on it.
Jul 15, 2022

What is the best shape for a patio? ›

The rectilinear patio is the most popular shape. It's often easier to create a square or rectangular patio, partly because the majority of pavers are a rectilinear design. By choosing this shape patio, you have more freedom when choosing a paver style. Rectilinear patio shapes lend a more contemporary feel.

Does a nice deck increase home value? ›

According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a deck addition is a top 10 outdoor home improvement. A wood deck, which will cost on average about $16,766 will recoup about 68% of its value, and a composite deck, which will cost about $22,426, will recoup about 63% at home sale.

What is the cheapest option for a deck? ›

Pressure Treated Wood Is a Solid, Cheap Decking Material.

The most economical decking material, by far, is pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is superior to regular wood because it has been infused with chemicals that help it resist decay and rot, as well as damage from certain types of insects.

What is a dream deck? ›

Dream Deck is barefoot friendly, slip resistant and has no visible fasteners. Their low maintenance vinyl decking promotes water drainage and can be purchased in 12',16' and 20' lengths It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has an Evaluation Service Report (97-55).

How do I make my deck feel private? ›

  1. Install a Fence. A tall fence provides privacy to your whole yard, but there are other options if you don't want to line your property. ...
  2. Choose Privacy Railing. ...
  3. Lay a Stone Privacy Wall. ...
  4. Attach Decorative Panels to Your Railing. ...
  5. Buy Lattice Fencing. ...
  6. Spend Time in Your Garden. ...
  7. Grow Ornamental Trees. ...
  8. Try a Trellis.
Jan 17, 2023

What do you put in front of a deck? ›

Landscaping Ideas for Decks and Patios
  1. Surround Your Patio With Flowers and Trees. ...
  2. Bushes & Trees Around a Raised Deck. ...
  3. Minimalist Landscaping with Rock Beds. ...
  4. Add Planters and Flower Beds Around Your Patio or Deck. ...
  5. Use Mulch to Contain Plants. ...
  6. Use Natural Stones Create Your Own Backyard Pond.

What is the downside of a deck? ›

Cons of an outdoor deck
  1. Decks require more maintenance than patios. ...
  2. If wooden decks are not maintained properly, they can rot. ...
  3. Permits may be required. ...
  4. If adding a hot tub or outdoor kitchen, weight restrictions should be considered.
Aug 16, 2019

Is it better to paint or stain a deck? ›

Is it better to stain or paint your deck? It is better to stain your deck if you want a natural look and paint your deck if you want to add color. Stain is easier to apply and easier on the wood, but painting gives a more protective barrier and lasts longer.

How do you arrange outdoor flowers? ›

When layering your garden bed, plant tall, full shrubs in the back row. Medium-sized perennials belong in the middle row. Finish it off with a low-growing mix of colorful annuals and perennials in the front row. A nicely layered garden bed ensures maximum visual appeal once all the plants mature.

What goes first deck or patio? ›

What Comes First: The Deck or The Patio? In an ideal world, you'll install your deck first and then your patio. There are a few reasons for doing it in this order. Starting with the fact that once the deck and stairs are complete, installing the patio at the perfect height is much easier.

How many years do decks last? ›

Traditional wood deck: Typically 10 to 15 years. Capped composite: Industry experts agree these boards can last 25 to 30+ years. Capped polymer (the best of the best): Because of its superior material composition, capped polymer boards can last much longer, potentially 50 years or more.

What is the difference between a deck and a patio? ›

Defining decks and patios

A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform without a roof that extends from a house. On the other hand, a patio is a paved area situated directly on the ground, which can either be attached or detached from a house.

What adds value to a home? ›

8 ways to increase the value of your home
  • Clean and declutter. ...
  • Add usable square footage. ...
  • Make your home more energy-efficient. ...
  • Spruce it up with fresh paint. ...
  • Work on your curb appeal. ...
  • Upgrade your exterior doors. ...
  • Give your kitchen an updated look. ...
  • Stage your home.
Jul 5, 2022

Is there an app to see exterior house colors? ›

If you've been thinking about painting the exterior (or interior) of your home, start at The Home Depot! Their ProjectColor app really put our minds at ease that we found the best color for us for our house. It's so nice to be able to actually visualize how the final product will look.

How do you brighten up a dark outdoor space? ›

How to brighten up your outdoor area on a budget
  1. Rethink your current furniture placement. Assess what outdoor furniture you already have and how you use it. ...
  2. Set the mood with festoon lights. ...
  3. Add outdoor rugs. ...
  4. Throw in alternative seating. ...
  5. Brighten with plants and planters. ...
  6. Use outdoor cushions.
Oct 17, 2020

Can you upload a picture of your house and change the exterior free? ›

At KWP, we are proud to offer you our free online home exterior design tool – Home Designer 2.0! We've made it easy to design and visualize your remodeling or new construction projects: Upload a picture of your home or pick a style of home closest to yours. Try on different siding, trims, and accessories.

How do I color coordinate my house exterior? ›

10 Ways to Coordinate Your Exterior Colors
  1. Choose Primary and Secondary Accent Colors. ...
  2. Respect the Neighborhood Color Scheme. ...
  3. Match the Color of Your Shutters and Doors. ...
  4. View Colors at Different Times of the Day. ...
  5. Adhere to Your Home's Architectural Style. ...
  6. Take Cues From the Surrounding Landscape.
Feb 15, 2019

Is there an app that you can take a picture of a house and design it? ›

1. Homestyler. Homestyler is an app that allows you to take a picture of a room and design it. It uses drag and drop functionality to allow you to add 3D furniture and accessories to your space.

How do I illuminate the outside of my house? ›

Use uplighting and moonlighting

Uplighting involves installing well or directional lights facing upwards under trees or architectural elements. Moonlighting mimics the effect of the moon spilling onto a property. You can create dappled shadows on the lawn by placing a light on a tree facing down.

How do you shade a yard on a budget? ›

Here are a few ideas for shading your outdoor living space without breaking the bank.
  1. Umbrellas. Adding an umbrella to your deck or patio space is one of the cheaper options for adding shade to your outdoor space, and also one that involves very little effort. ...
  2. Trees, plants & vines. ...
  3. A vertical garden. ...
  4. Shade sails.
Feb 13, 2018

How can I make my patio more inviting? ›

Adding cozy outdoor rugs, cushions and pillows to a space is a definite must for an outdoor space. Plants also add life and texture, as well as artwork, side tables to place a drink, hanging lanterns for cozy ambient lighting. If you add all those elements to your outdoor rooms, they will instantly feel like home.

How can I make an outdoor area more inviting? ›

Fences, garden walls, shrubbery and trees all provide privacy and help establish a serene atmosphere. Lattice, pergolas and arbors adorned with fragrant climbing vines are creative ways to help define outdoor spaces, screen views of neighboring homes and add instant character to your space.


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