Creative ways to decorate your home with Home Depot tile patterns - House digest (2023)

Creative ways to decorate your home with Home Depot tile patterns - House digest (1)

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Home Depot offers tile samplesfor a few dollars each, but you can't just use them for mood board makeovers. You can also use them for small DIY projects around the houseFurniture recyclingor create stylish organizational bins. There are two ways to do this. First, you can use the tile patterns you bought for a remodeling project and thus use something that you would throw away once the project is complete. This can include anything from floor tiles to shower and backsplash tiles. Or two, you can go straight to Home Depot and get some home improvement tiles that won't break your budget since they're $2.99 ​​per square foot. Whichever method you choose, many creative DIY projects only require a few tiles.

You don't need a whole box full of pottery for these special projects. For example, if you only have one or two of these, turn them into stylish coasters that can add a pop of color to your coffee table. However, if you bought a handful because you couldn't decide on your kitchen splashback or the mosaic behind your bathtub, you can use the different colors and patterns to create a mosaic. Below are some fun ideas to try.

Have a side table or a coffee table tiled

If you have an old end table, coffee table, or even a nightstand that needs a makeover, you can use your tile patterns to breathe new life into it. Due to the smaller surface area of ​​this furniture, you only need a few tiles. Put your design on the table. The tiles may need to be cut to the length or width of the table. In this case, you must use onewet tile saw.

If you plan to paint, sand, or reglaze the furniture, do so before you begin tiling. After the table has dried completely, you can spread tile adhesive on the existing table. Place the tiles on the adhesive, making sure to align them correctly. Then mix and apply the grout and add a sealer. If you have plain tiles, you can even draw or paint over a design or pattern before sealing. This allows you to give your new table a more customized look.

Create a custom centerpiece

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If you're always looking for new ways to decorate your dining table, these tile patterns are for you. You can use them in a variety of ways to make a centerpiece. One idea is to make vases for flowers from small squares of glass mosaic. For this project you will need a cylindrical vase (without the neck). Simply cut the tiles to the correct height for the vase, wrap the strip of tiles around the cylindrical vase and trim off the excess. Then attach the tile to the substrate with the transparent adhesive of your choice. Wait for it to dry and you're done.

The other option is to use your tile patterns to make a decorative tray or runner for displaying glass vases or knick-knacks. For this project you will need ¼ inch thick plywood cut to the right size for your table's dimensions. After sealing the plywood, apply tile adhesive, lay the tiles in the desired pattern (cut with a wet saw if necessary), and grout in between. You can add decorative trim to the edge of the tray or table runner, but it's entirely up to you and what you think looks best.

Make coasters or placemats

Although tile may not be the most common material used to make coasters, there is no rule that they cannot be used for such purposes. Also, making tile coasters for your coffee or dining room table can help you create a cohesive and elegant look that is sure to catch the attention of all your visitors.

Start by cutting your tiles into squares about 10cm in size. Then choose a scrapbook paper design that you like and cut it to match the tiles. When doing this, leave a small margin around the edge of the tile. Coat the tile with Mod Podge and carefully place the cut scrapbook paper on top. Then simply apply several more coats of Mod Podge to the paper to seal and allow to dry between coats. As soon as the coaster has dried, you can stick it on a felt pad to protect your furniture and it's ready to use. Alternatively, you can also use the tiles in white without providing them with additional decorations. It depends on how sneaky you want to be!

Make a plant stand

Don't throw away these tile patterns; Use them to build a plant stand that will showcase beautiful greenery in your home and help your plants get enough sunlight. One way to complete this project is to tile the top of a stool to turn it into a stand. Start by choosing the pieces of mosaic you want to use and choose a color that matches the stool. Then cover the stool with tile adhesive, grout and caulk. Once everything has dried, your new plant stand is ready to use.

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Another way to highlight a plant from tile patterns is to build legs from thin wooden slats. You can then place a single larger tile on top of the wooden legs to form the top of the stand. Be sure to use a strong adhesive to hold the tile in place. Then let it dry completely before potting. This method can help you create a more modern plant stand. However, be careful not to load it with objects that are too heavy.

Decorate your walls

When you think of mosaic tiles, you might think of the floor, but did you know that you can also use leftover patterns to create works of art to hang on the wall? Many tiles are decorative in themselves and would add a beautiful touch to your living space. But even if you have beaver tail tile pattern tiles, you can easily turn them into something frame-worthy with a little paint.

Once you have the tiles ready, use wooden slats and a plywood backing to create a custom frame. Cut the slats to fit around the tile and angle each corner to create a square or rectangular frame. You can then stain the wood to get the finish you want. Then attach the tile pieces to the plywood backing with some glue and glue the frame around the edges of the backing. Allow to dry then hang your new work of art to enjoy.

Create a porch decoration

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These tile patterns can be helpful not only in the interior design of your home. They can also be useful for adding some character to your porch. You can use broken pieces of tile or square tiles to create a numbered plaque with your home address on it. The finished product will not only be colorful and attractive, but will also serve to identify your home to guests.

There are several ways to approach this project. The first is to buy large MDF house numbers that match your address. Begin by spray-painting each number black or another darker color. Then apply the glue and start laying the individual pieces of tile. Choose different colors to create something you like.

The other way to approach this project is to create aindividual mosaicPut it on a piece of wood and use the tile pieces to form the numbers towards you. If you want to try this idea, choose a darker color tile for the digits of your address, and then use lighter colors to create a tile pattern around the house number.

Keep office supplies organized

If you had four smaller square tiles, some wood, and glue, did you know you could make a pen holder? That's right, with just these few basic materials, you can keep your office supplies organized while adding charm and beauty to your desk. Depending on how big you want the pen holder to be, you should use either 4-inch or 6-inch tiles. If your tiles are larger, you can always cut them with a wet saw.

Whenever possible, choose tile patterns with a colorful pattern or design to add more character to the storage container. However, you can always draw your own design and seal the tile if you only have solid color samples. In addition to the 4-inch or 6-inch tiles, you'll also need a wooden base of the same size. Simply place the pieces to form a cube, with the piece of wood facing down. Use strong glue to join the edges. Follow package directions to let everything dry completely. Then you can start using your new creation.

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Make decorative dog tags

you have something leftsubway tileWhat samples did you take at the end of your renovation plans? If so, you can use them to make decorative name tags for a child's room (or any other room in the house). Traditional Subway tiles are 3 inches wide and 6 inches long, making them the perfect size for hanging on a door or wall to indicate which room belongs to which family member.

You can decorate the tiles with colored scrapbooking paper and other embellishments depending on the recipient's taste. Decoupage the scrapbook paper onto the tile, then attach letter stickers to spell out the name along with other embellishments like ribbons or rhinestones. You can also add a few more stickers to highlight some of the likes and interests of the person who owns the name tag. Think about the sports they like, their favorite movies or books, what games they like to play, their favorite animal, and anything else that might help you personalize the design.

Create mosaic planters

House numbers aren't the only way you can use your tiler skills to repurpose these tile patterns. They can also help you create unique and colorful mosaic planters to proudly display your indoor and outdoor plants. Even better, the pots aren't too difficult to make: all you need is a few terracotta pots of the size you want and tile patterns of different colors.

First, carefully break each tile into smaller pieces. Then plan your design on the ground before applying the glue to the planters. Once you have decided on the decoration, you can cover parts of the pot with glue and glue the mosaic pieces together. Once you have completed your design, allow the adhesive to set for the manufacturer's recommended time and then grout between the pieces of tile. Buff off excess grout, apply a sealer and put the beautiful planters to good use.

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Keep your bathroom essentials neat and organized.

If your bathroom counter is a constant clutter, you can take control of the clutter and keep your soap, toothbrushes, and other essentials organized by creating a tile shelf. A larger piece of marble tile would be ideal for this project, but depending on the workspace available, square ceramic tiles could also work. In addition to the tile, you'll also need a strong adhesive and some handles (such as drawer handles) in a finish that complements the rest of your bathroom and the tile you've chosen. Some felt pads for the underside of the tile also ensure that the worktop is not scratched.

Once you've provided all the materials, the rest of the project should be pretty easy. First, place a felt pad at each corner of the tile. Then center the handles on each end of the tray and attach them with the glue. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended curing time before attempting to lift or move the tray. Once it has set you can fill it with your toiletries or leave it mostly empty as a decorative piece in the bathroom (or any other room in your home for that matter).

Make wall hooks to hang keys, jewelry and more

Did you know that you can also use tile patterns to make hooks to keep jewelry, lanyards, scarves, keys and other smaller items organized and easy to find? Yes, you read that right: turn your tile patterns into wall hooks to add functional and attractive storage to your bedroom, closet, bathroom or any other room in your home. If you have smaller tiles that are about an inch tall, they are perfect for this project. Square tiles work, but round or hexagonal tiles look a little better.

To make the hooks you will need some small wooden dowels (narrower than the width of your tiles). Attach a piece of tile to the end of each block of wood, and then use a drill and screws to attach each block to the wall in the desired locations. Voila! You have a new storage solution that you will be very excited to use!


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