How to paint white oak. Helpful Tips From Experts (2023)


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The oak is a majestic tree, widespread in Europe, especially in the north, reaching a height of more than 40 meters. It is a tree with very characteristic deciduous leaves that are born in spring and turn dark green. Before falling, in autumn, they turn brown. The trunk of the oak is usually scaly in the adult stage. It also has fruits, acorns, which ripen in late summer and fall with the leaves in early fall. Its wood is highly prized for furniture, doors and windows and is popularly seen in home cladding. If you're looking for easy ways to enhance your home while protecting it, the steps for painting oak trim white should be on your list. Any kitchen with oak cabinets would also benefit greatly from this!

How to paint white oak boiserie: The necessary tools

To carry out painting, you should have the following tools at hand:

  • The color white;
  • ink tanks;
  • cardboard or newspaper to cover the floor;
  • Putztuch;
  • medium and small paint rollers;
  • Scotch tape;
  • paint brush;
  • angled brush
  • Wood filler;
  • Face mask.

How to paint white oak boiserie: the steps to follow

Create a work plan

Before painting your white molding, you must analyze and check how the piece has the shape, its state of conservation, what material you need to apply: varnish, wax, paint, etc. Make the work plan and a list of the materials you will need.

clean the surface

Then thoroughly clean the surface. The surface must be clean to proceed to the next step. Clean the entire surface with a neutral detergent, degreaser or synthetic thinner. In some cases it may be necessary to strip the old paint or remove the varnish or wax if it is the case.

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correct imperfections

With the cleaning done correctly, it's time to correct any blemishes in the oak paneling. Now you need to cover cracks, small holes and other existing defects. Spatulas for wood and putties suitable for this purpose are easily found on the market.

How to paint white oak. Helpful Tips From Experts (2)

Protects floors and walls from splashes and falls.

Next, apply painter's tape between the trim and the wall, and between the trim and the carpet. You can also use the cardboard for the floor and the tape attached to the wall. This will keep the paint and primer from touching the wall. The primer and enamel, although white, are not the same tone as the wall, so it is better not to touch them. Where the wall is painted there would be a yellowish color.

How to paint white oak. Helpful Tips From Experts (3)

Prepare the oak strips for painting.

Now that your oak paneling has been properly cleaned and any blemishes corrected, it's time to prepare it for painting. This can be done by applying an insulating primer. Resins and other ingredients in oak can discolor the color over time. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a solvent-based barrier primer.

A twice-applied synthetic resin primer also reliably prevents the penetration of substances contained in the wood. Then carefully sand the surfaces with a fine sandpaper, always in the direction of the grain of the wood. This process makes it easier for the paint to adhere to the wood. Without this step, once applied, the paint will be natural and dry. Wipe after sanding to remove dust. Only after passing a cloth with alcohol can you start painting.

How to paint white oak. Helpful Tips From Experts (4)

start painting

Once the above steps are complete, it's time to paint the oak paneling white. Now start painting by dipping the roller into the paint and moving from the bottom up. Another common recommendation is to start with the inside corners, edges, bottom, and sides and then work your way out. Apply the first coat, using a brush for smaller, hard-to-reach areas and a small or medium-sized curling iron for larger, straighter areas. White usually needs more coats on dark areas.

How to paint white oak. Helpful Tips From Experts (5)

let dry

When you finish painting, avoid touching the oak trim immediately after the process. This can damage the paint and cause unwanted damage to the finish. So patience is the key. Solvent-based paints typically dry in 30 minutes to an hour between coats. There are water-based paints that are suitable for different types of surfaces such as oak wood and that dry faster. Make sure the paint hardens.according to the package address. Most take at least 24 hours before heavy use!

You no longer suffer from the strong smell of solvents.

If you're still thinking a thousand times before painting your white oak siding because you remember your painter did the job and the house had that strong solvent smell or something, don't worry! Today's technology has brought wood paints with the grateful ability to not let out that unpleasant smell. This is because today's enamel paints have nothing in their composition that is not water-based.

If the strong smell was a justification for you to abandon the white finish of your oak panels and leave your home or business looking ugly and worn, you have no more excuses!

types of colors

If you are thinking of reforming the appearance of your oak coatings, it is important that you consider several types of colors where you can choose the shade of white.

Below we will highlight the main types:


Want more versatility when painting your oak paneling white? A good option is to use varnish paint. Options range from spray paint and various finishes to semi-gloss or matte finishes. Not only does it encourage a more rustic aesthetic, but it also makes cleaning and upkeep easier.

lack of self

Although it is a paint suitable for painting cars and automobiles, car paint seems to be a good alternative to painting oak trim. It can even be used on wooden doors.

Water-based acrylic paint and varnish

A good option to paint the oak moldings white is that both acrylic paint and water-based enamel give a perfect finish.

The big advantage of water-based enamel paint is that it doesn't smell as bad; This allows you to paint inside the oak paneling without having to put up with the strong odor that other colors give off.

important tips

There are some important tips to make your oak painting successful. If things aren't exactly how you envisioned them, in most cases it's because you didn't follow the correct painting strategy. With the following tips you will have a greater chance of success, see:

Correct preparation of the oak strips for color taking

Painters say that painting is90% preparation 10% color. Is the oak siding new? Or has it been painted before? If the oak boiserie has previously received paint, make the appropriate preparations to receive the new white colour. With a Purdy brush you only need to getabout 95% of the color. Then clean it properly with neutral detergent and water. A DIYer once said that he mostly repeats redness3-4 times to get 99%.

After that, it must be dried, and then finely sanded. The sweet spot for sanding is to completely remove the shine of the previous color. If the oak strip is varnished, remove it with coarser sandpaper.

Never paint oak strips when they are damp or wet.

A common mistake is not drying oak trim or waiting for it to dry before painting. Make sure it is dry, clean with white spirit and respect the drying time for best results.

Use the appropriate color for oak paneling.

Several factors can cause strips of oak to turn yellow when painted white. The main reason is the use of a color that is not suitable for the material of the fairing. Also, avoid using inferior paint. As mentioned above, Coral/Coral ink lines work best.

Take care of your roller or brush

The type of roller or brush also makes a difference. Foam rollers are cheaper, but the best ones are the lower cost ones that give a much better finish. Plus, they don't shed as much hair as other alternatives.

frequent questions

How difficult is it to paint oak trim white?

The process required to paint oak trim white is not difficult and this has been perfectly highlighted above.

Should I paint my wood paneling white?

Painting the wainscoting white is highly recommended, although it must be done correctly. Additionally, whitewashing oak trim enhances the decorative appearance of your home and increases its durability.

How much does it cost to paint oak trim white?

If you hire professional painters to paint your oak paneling white, it would cost you over $1,199. On the other hand, if you want to paint it yourself, it would cost you at least $700.


In short, much oak paneling is sold unpainted and unfinished, and that task is left to the owner. A lover of this product once asked: "Do you think that 1% is a good indicator that wooden baseboards have my heart?" The key to a long-lasting, attractive effect is to use the steps outlined above to paint your oak trim white.

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