Lowe's vs Home Depot to buy paint: who has the better paints? (2023)

Let's compare Home Depot and Lowe's paints! Each hardware store offers its own brands of high-quality paint for each project.

Lowe's Sherwin Williams and Home Depot's Behr are respectable options. While Sherwin Williams is known for its durability and coverage, Behr paint is a cheaper option.


  • Lowe's Best Inks
    • sherwin williams
    • chosen couple
    • rust oil
  • The best paints for domestic tanks
    • Behr
    • PPG
    • Slide
  • The best paints for interiors and exteriors
    • The best paints for interiors
    • The best paints for exteriors
  • Which store has the cheapest paints?
    • Affordable Inks at Lowe's
    • Affordable Paints at Home Depot
  • How to paint matches in a hardware store
    • What to bring to the paint party
    • Home Depot Paint Matching Apps

Lowe's Best Inks

Lowe's vs Home Depot to buy paint: who has the better paints? (1)

There are several great paint options at Lowe's! Find out which brand will work best for your project.

sherwin williams

One of the most popular paint brands sold at Lowe's is Sherwin Williams. It is a common brand among contractors because it is thick and covers large surfaces well.

Sherwin Williams is known for high-quality paints that make the price per gallon well worth it. This brand goes from$30-60 per gallon.

chosen couple

chosen coupleis another popular Lowe's option. This brand is a customer favorite for its rich color and resistance to surface damage.

You can get Valspar for around $40-45 a gallon at Lowe's. Some Valspar inks are slightly cheaper than Sherwin Williams, but still deliver high-quality results.

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rust oil

Lowes also offersrust oil, which is an excellent option for outdoor surfaces. Rust-Oleum works to prevent rust buildup and comes in a variety of colors.

This brand is ideal formetallic surfacesand can give a high metallic finish. Rust-Oleum will set you back about $25 a gallon.

The best paints for domestic tanks

Home Depot offers different brands of Lowes paint that are highly recommended.


Lowe's vs Home Depot to buy paint: who has the better paints? (2)

One of Home Depot's iconic brands isBehr. This brand is known for its single-coat coverage and comes in over 1,000 colors.

Many homeowners recommend it as an interior paint. As the paint is very thick, it does get a bit sticky when applied, but it does result in great coverage. This brand will cost between $35-45 per gallon.


PPG is another brand of paint recommended by Home Depot. This brand specializes in mold resistance, making it a perfect choice for refinishing your bathrooms.

This brand is also very affordable at around $25-40 per gallon. It is a fast-drying brand of paint and is excellent for covering up stains on the walls.


One of Home Depot's cheapest brands isSlide. This brand is popular with homeowners looking forpaint cabinets,doors, miyou accept.

Glidden is known for its long-lasting durability, making it a great choice for furniture that gets a lot of wear. This brand will cost between $15-25 per gallon.

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The best paints for interiors and exteriors

Find out which brand of paint will last the longest for interior and exterior surfaces.

The best paints for interiors

At Lowe's, one of the best interior paints is Sherwin Williams Infinity. This paint is described as the brand's most durable paint and primer.

It is known to have a smooth application and is 100% acrylic. Homeowners like this paint for its one-coat perfection and stain-resistant qualities.

At Home Depot, Behr Marquee is the brand's most high-end interior paint. This paint is popular for its one coat guarantee - if you need to use more than one coat, Home Depot will give you a refund!

It costs less than Sherwin Williams Infinity at around $45 per gallon and gives similar results.

The best paints for exteriors

When it comes to exterior paint, both hardware stores offer a great selection of brands and options. Lowe's offers a wider variety of exterior paints, ranging from different brands and price points.

On the other hand, Home Depot offers less variety but at a lower cost. When shopping for exterior paint, it's important to look for durability, moisture resistance, and gloss retention.

Valspar's Duramax is Lowe's exterior paint choice that has received much criticism. It's a paint and primer in one with a fine satin finish priced at $216 for five gallons. It is also known for its easy application, quick-drying properties, and lack of odor.

Shipping from Home Depotsliding premiumwhich is an excellent outdoor choice popular for its single coat finish, good hide and good gloss. This paint retails for $145 for five gallons, a more affordable option compared to Lowe's brands.

Which store has the cheapest paints?

While both hardware stores offer a variety of paints at different prices, Home Depot is known for having high-quality paints at an affordable price.

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Affordable Inks at Lowe's

Lowe's vs Home Depot to buy paint: who has the better paints? (3)

One of Lowe's cheaper paint brands is Valspar. You can use Valspar paint for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

A gallon of Valspar ExpressCoat will set you back about $15 a gallon and it comes in a multitude of colors. This ink is great for both rental and commercial use!

However, the highest quality Lowe's brand will cost a little more. sherwin williamsceiling paintingIt starts at $40 a gallon and the name brand Weathershield exterior paint will set you back about $55 a gallon.

Affordable Paints at Home Depot

Lowe's vs Home Depot to buy paint: who has the better paints? (4)

Home Depot also carries affordable paint brands, including Glidden. Like Valspar, Glidden will set you back about $15 a gallon depending on what surface you're using it on.

The highest quality brand at Home Depot is Behr. This brand is often compared to Sherwin Williams, but it will cost you less.

Behr Ultra paint will run you around $38 a gallon and the highly recommended Behr Marquee is around $50 a gallon.

How to paint matches in a hardware store

Learn how to prepare for a paint matching session at Lowe's or Home Depot.

What to bring to the paint party

When you're looking for the same color tone that's on your walls, you can find a match at a hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot.

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Both Lowes and Home Depot offerpaint matchservices for clients. You will need to bring a one inch paint sample for the experts to look at. Put the paint chip in a bag so you don't damage it on the way to the store!

When you hand the chip over to the store, a computer will search for the closest ink match. You can test a sample of the ink match that the store finds to compare it to the chip.

If you don't have a speck of paint available, try to find the closest shade or high-quality image of any paint color you like.

Home Depot Paint Matching Apps

While you can get free paint matches at both hardware stores, Home Depot has an app that will help you match the colors on your phone.

You can take a picture of your room and see what paint color goes best! It's also a great way to find new paint tones that will elevate your space.

final thoughts

There are several reasons that will affect your choice of ink. If you already have an ink brand preference, you may be more comfortable with a brand you've used before.

Location is another factor that can influence your decision when choosing a brand of paint. You may live closer to a Home Depot store than a Lowe's store, which would make it easier to find paint colors and choose a brand.

You will also need to create a budget for your painting project. Home Depot is known for offering more affordable prices than Lowes, but Lowe's does carry some of the most highly recommended paint brands.

Evaluate your budget and explore the paint options online at both stores before making your final decision!

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