Painting Tricks: 10 Painting Tips & Techniques Loved By Experts (2023)

Decorative color tricks and finishes are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

Color and colour, reminds us Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux, is more than just the rainbow: “When we say colour, we mean unsaturated jelly bean hues, we mean color and color in all its glory, made from organic waste. Shades of subtle white petals to the deepest midnight blues, greens, golds and reds. Marianne points out that decorating our homes with color has gotten a lot more creative during lockdown, and this trend continues to evolve. '

“Using painting tricks on the ceiling, forgetting the corners of the room as a transition between colors and opting for gaps in the middle of the walls, and painting furniture and kitchen cabinets in tones that give us joy, all this has revolutionized the way that they look at and live in our houses”, he adds.

Interior designer Kate Guinness agrees: “I think we're going to see a continued enthusiasm for color and pattern this year. We continue to introduce color accents into our homes to incorporate additional points of interest.'

We select our favoritesmart ideasand painting tricks that show how to incorporate paint in a variety of colorsinterior designConfigurations to help you create a whole new scheme in your home.

Painting tricks: for every room and surface

We've partnered with a host of color and design experts to bring you the most excitingFarb Trendsfor next year. These color hacks will give your home a whole new look. brush ready...

1. Duplicate to make a room appear larger

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(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

if you want to experimentpaint bedroom, the choice of color is as important as the final effect. Lowirene gunter(opens in a new tab)Current favorites are blush shades to create an incredibly relaxing environment. Irene runs her own design practice and recommends those warm, inviting colors for bedrooms that don't distract or stimulate the mind.

“In the master bedroom of this Notting Hill house, we used Rouge II from Paint & Paper Library for the lower part of the wall and mixed the same color with 50 per cent white to create a lighter shade for the upper part. This painting technique not only adds interest, but also blurs the edges of the room, making the ceiling appear higher and the room larger.Ideas for painting the ceiling.

2. Turn your headboard into a work of art

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(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Ingenuity, a little imagination and a limited budget led interior designers and designersSascal Studio(opens in a new tab)Founder Sarah Stemp to create this unique and distinctive headboard.

"We saved a lot of money by making the headboard fabric ourselves," he explains. “We sourced canvas fabric from eBay and then used sample pots of green paint to create the pattern. We started with Farrow & Ball Vert De Terre as a base color and built it up with lighter and darker Farrow & Ball greens.”

The overall result is highly textured: the brush strokes convey a sense of movement that adds and defines depth.headboard ideaIt looks more like a work of art. A vintage linen piece behind adds softness to the metal frame.

3. Give the fireplace a faux marble finish

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(Image credit: Astrid Templier)

The living room is the perfect place to experiment with painting tricks and techniques like room color ideasrecommend. Working with a paint expert can be a smart move. interior architectBrandon Schubert(opens in a new tab)invited Lara Fiorentino from The Paint Effect to give a marble effect finish to a fireplace.

"Lara did a brilliant job of making the fireplace look like it was made of red marble," he says. She just takes the time to get a nice smooth finish.

4. Add a tactile touch to your walls

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(Image credit: Damian Russell)

Subtly textured walls are a smart choice when you're looking for the bestcolor ideas for hallways. Color pigments can be combined with different materials to create washes that are applied with brushes or sponges using different techniques. The project shown here comes from designersChan y Eayrs(opens in a new tab).

There are so many ways to use color creatively. If you want to go even further, explore special color effects to add depth to your wall beyond what ordinary paint can achieve.

5. Use color to create zones within a room

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(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

In addition to color, contrastlibreasForpainted kitchenit can be used to zone a space,” says Andy Greenall, design lead atColor and paper library(opens in a new tab). For this backsplash area, Architect's Satinwood from Paint & Paper Library creates a striking contrast with a tonal matte finish. Two-tone walls can transform a room and add depth to a wall. It's also easy to do and an inexpensive way to add character to a simple scheme.

6. Fool the eye with painted edges

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(Image credit: Louise Roe)

Designer Louise Roe proves detailed design doesn't have to be so expensive: “I wanted to be a little more daring with mine.Color ideas for bedrooms.. I found a rich, warm maroon shade, Earthborn's Lady Bug, for the doors, and Amy Balfour painted one of her beautiful borders on the panels, which look like expensive bone inlays.

7. Use color to create a 3D effect

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(Image credit: James McDonald)

"When thinking about color tricks, the 'fifth wall' is a great way to add layers and a three-dimensional look to the design of a space," says Elnaz Namaki, Creative Director,Estudio Elnaz Namaki(opens in a new tab).

For thissmall room, Interior designer Elnaz Namaki chose a fully customized plaster paint color solution and worked with a plaster finishing craftsman. This has been overlaid at the corners with bespoke paisley insoles around the headlights.

8. Use paint to visually expand the walls.

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(Image credit: Paul Massey)

'Intelligentblanket ideasthey're a great way to add another layer of interest and make a room feel cozier. Too often they are an afterthought, but we are careful to consider their potential,” confides interior designer Nicola Harding. “The use of bold color tricks and ideas on the ceiling helped expand the wallsdining room.'

Nicola starts by thinking about how she wants the space to feel in the end, and also considers the amount of natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors here. With that in mind, she specified a simple emulsion, Farrow & Ball's Stone Blue, to visually enhance thissmall dining room.

9. Use color to hide flaws

Painting Tricks: 10 Painting Tips & Techniques Loved By Experts (9)

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

The beauty of clever painting tricks is that, when done right, they can hide a multitude of sins.

In older houses, it may be worth examining the original "skeletons" of the house, although it is important to consider the condition of the roofs when uncovering them. Using the color white helps hide imperfections and creates a softer effect that blends into the space below.

"Decorative finishes are becoming more and more popular," says interior designer Kate Guinness. "For example, we continue to introduce color accents instead of solid trim, or add additional points of interest and hide architectural flaws."

10. Fool the eye

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(Image credit: Frank and Faber)

Introducing lighter eye-level finishes is a well-known trick to enhance spaciousness and prevent wall cabinets from becoming overwhelming, especially in high-traffic areas like the stove or sink.

"In general, we recommend choosing darker shades at the bottom and lighter shades at the top, especially when natural light isn't good or ceilings are low," says Sarah Ellison, founder and creative director offrank and faber(opens in a new tab). "In a very dark kitchen, we often remove the tall cabinets if storage space allows, or paint them the same light shade as the walls so they virtually disappear."

Are painting tricks and techniques obsolete?

If you think back to the wall stencils and textured ceilings of the 1970s, then yes. But today's painting tricks are much more sophisticated and contemporary.

There are so many ways to apply painting tricks to perfection, says interior designer Brandon Schubert. “You can choose an unusual finish like glossy wall paint. This can work great with dark colors if you want light to reflect across the room, but it works well with pale colors as well. Just take your time to get a nice smooth finish.

“If you want to go further, explore special color effects to add depth to your wall beyond what ordinary paint can achieve. I think it's best to have it done by a professional decorator, but if you're feeling adventurous, try it yourself.

Color tricks for modernity are all about bringing interiors to life in a personalized way. “We embrace a new freedom of expression that has a beating heart of colour,” says Marianne Shillingford, Dulux's creative director.

How do you paint special effects on a wall?

Kit Kemp is highly respected for her use of colour, which shines brightly in the various Firmdale hotels she designs. If you're not sure where to start with your house painting, Kit has plenty of ideas and recommends a door frame as one of the easiest places to start.

"It's the perfect canvas for adding a fun splash of color or even a soft, complementary tone to the rest of the room," she explains. “Door frames are the boundaries between one room and the next, from a cozy living room to a bright kitchen. So why not have something that frames the space behind it and is a fun and colorful addition in its own right?

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